Apprentice Scholarship Scheme

The CFMEU Apprentice Scholarships is an initiative of the Queensland Construction Workers Division of the CFMEU. Funding for the scheme is provided by the Building Employees Redundancy Trust. This money comes from interest earned on money held by the trust for building workers. The majority of these workers are members of the CFMEU. 

The purpose of the Scholarships are to assist our member’s daughters, sons and others to get a start in life as apprentices in the construction and civil construction industry. The Scheme recruits and places applicants with participating employers. We also provide subsidies to these employers and employ full time field officers to ensure our apprentices are correctly trained. CFMEU Apprentices will be educated about union issues to ensure they understand the values and principles of Unionism.

In keeping with the principles of the scholarship, we apply specific criteria when considering all applications. Please consider the following requirements when making your application.

  • Whether the applicant has completed the appropriate pre-apprenticeship course.
  • The suitability of the applicant to the building construction and civil construction industry.
  • The suitability of the applicant to the trade callings available.
  • Any special abilities or disabilities the applicant may possess.

Applicants who have not yet undertaken a pre-apprenticeship course are encouraged to undertake this training to improve their employment prospects. Our experience has shown that applicants who have completed this course are more likely to complete an apprenticeship and are easier to place in employment.

All applications will be kept on record for current and future intakes. Please note that this is not an application for employment but for possible inclusion in the scholarship.

If you are wishing to register for possible inclusion in the Scholarship, please complete an application form (below) and return it to the CFMEU office.