Published: 9 Oct 2018

PROGRESS on the $400 million Ipswich Motorway upgrade is under threat, and workers’ lives have been placed in danger by poor management of the project.

Queensland Government safety inspectors yesterday slapped joint venture contractors Bielby Hull Albem with no less than six breach notices, including one prohibition notice.

The breaches come despite warnings from workers and the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union of poor management practices, and the joint venture companies’ history of shoddy work practices and poor safety standards.

“Not only do our construction workers deserve better, so do the taxpayers of Queensland,” CFMEU Divisional Branch Assistant Secretary Jade Ingham said.

“These companies have a reputation in the industry as cowboys who put the safety of workers, and the interests of taxpayers, a distant second to cutting corners and trying to do things on the cheap.”

“These are all serious safety breaches and Worksafe Queensland does not issue prohibition orders demanding work cease except in the most acute circumstances.”

“The State Government must realise that unless it reins in some of the dodgier contractors in this State – some of whom are getting fat on large government contracts – it is only a matter of time until another worker is seriously injured or worse.”