Safety Regulators Shut Down John Holland Site in Brisbane

Published: 23 Feb 2018

Serial offender John Hollands has been slapped with a direction to prohibit access to the Mercedes dealership site at Breakfast Creek in Brisbane presently under construction.

Both State and Federal regulators shocked at the standard of health and safety on this site had no choice but to issue notices prohibiting work yesterday. This comes just months after a piling rig from the site plummeted into the street, squashing a car in which a worker had just seconds before been sitting. He narrowly escaped death that day.

Unfortunately, incidents like the one above are not new for John Holland and this company has a rap sheet a mile long. Since being granted a Comcare license in 2007, John Holland’s has had numerous convictions against them by the Federal Court. In that same time, 8 fatalities have been recorded on John Holland construction sites around Australia.

Recently John Holland’s was prosecuted for endangering the lives of two Adelaide motorists when a 40 kg pipe was dropped 15 meters into peak hour traffic. This marks the first criminal prosecution brought by Comcare under Commonwealth Health and Safety legislation.

The CFMEU has had concerns from day one that a worker, or member of the public, will be seriously injured or killed as a direct result of John Holland’s disregard for health and safety.

Every worker has the right to go home to their family the same way they present themselves to work. Members of the public should not have their lives put at risk, just by passing near a John Holland job.