Second Range Crossing: A ticking time bomb

Published: 23 Feb 2018

On the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing construction project, there have been 32 "rollover" incidents where heavy machinery has flipped over as a result of working on unsuitable terrain.

Worksafe have issued 87 improvement notices, 29 prohibition notices, 57 improvement notices and one infringement notice. This is a staggering number of safety issues, and represents a ticking time bomb of a construction project.

This massive taxpayer funded project was awarded as a joint partnership to Acciona Infrastructure and Ferrovial Agroman who do not deserve another cent of our tax dollars until this project is being built safely. The contract needs to be torn up, these companies are working on important infrastructure to Queensland and are cutting every possible corner and operating with no regard for workers' safety.

Why is this important?

Queenslanders expect better. When $1.6bn in taxpayer funds is being spent, Queenslanders should be able to expect a decent, safe workplace, and the highest standard of construction. The way that the Second Range Crossing is currently being built, it's only a matter of time before someone is killed. Queenslanders won't wait for that to happen. We want action now.

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