Published: 17 Mar 2020

The CFMEU C&G Division QLD/NT Branch believes that at this stage it is not in the interest of the industry and its workforce for sites to be to be closed down partially or fully due to Covid-19, although we must all maintain public and private health standards for everyone in the community.

Therefore, the Branch seeks the following:
Every effort must be made by industry employers to upgrade personal hygiene and minimise person to person contact and all workers must co-operate in all necessary measures to achieve these objectives.


 Additional cleaning/decontamination on-site.
 Separation of meal breaks and work groups to achieve maximum personal space.
 Provide suitable gloves where workers are in close proximity for work or site access purposes.
 Provide hand sanitiser in all hoists, amenities and areas/levels of the site or workplace.
 Conduct regular, if necessary daily, toolbox meetings to provide up-to-date information.


1. Individuals who believe they may have Covid-19 symptoms should NOT attend site or their workplace or if they develop symptoms at work should immediately leave site or workplace and seek a test and remain in self-isolation until test results are available.
2. Negative test results should be immediately communicated to the employer, who should facilitate an immediate return to work without prejudice.
3. Positive test results should also be immediately communicated to the employer and following the self-isolation period, the employer should facilitate an immediate return to work (subject to medical clearance) without prejudice.
4. Any financial member financially disadvantaged should contact the CFMEU QLD/NT Branch on (07) 3231 4600 for further information.
5. No site or workplace will be partially or fully closed down without direction and/or advice by the Queensland Chief Medical Officer or their Representative.
6. Any site or workplace partially or fully closed as directed/advised by the Queensland Chief Medical Officer will be re-opened as soon as any cleaning and/or decontamination works as directed/advised by the Queensland Chief Medical Officer are completed. Any workers without symptoms and/or negative test results, will be advised by the employer to return to work, again without prejudice.
7. Any site partially or fully closed without the intervention of the Queensland Chief Medical Officer, may be subject to legal claims by the Union for payment by the employer.

The Branch will continue to review its position on a daily basis to consider any legal directions by health authorities that have oversight of the Covid-19 pandemic.